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By: Erin Shapiro

Want to pop natural hair colour?

Michael Canale, celebrity hair colourist and creator of Jennifer Aniston’s beautiful blonde hair colour, has created a new technique aptly called: “Piggy Back Highlights,” to do just that.

As a master colourist, Canale places the highlights directly next to each other–with one sited half an inch higher, to give an illusion of a thinner start and a thicker ending at the ends of each strand.

Highlights are very fine, so it’s a natural blend of colour that will build up as the hair extends further from the scalp.

It keeps hair healthy because some people’s hair can’t handle thick highlights because their hair breaks.

Canale came up with this technique for Jennifer Aniston–developing it a few minutes after being tasked with creating a new look for her–as he also continued her classic look: framing her face with blond highlights for a pop around the hairline.

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Hair extensions can be a gorgeous way to add major body or length to lifeless hair or short styles. We know waiting for a bob to grow out can be frustrating, especially when many fall hair styles seem designed for long cuts. In the past, hair extensions didn’t always look like your natural tresses, however, as techniques have evolved, extensions have gone from obvious to very natural. In fact, a great hair stylist can even add extensions without any telltale signs. Canale Salon has a dedicated extension stylist that excels at blending in real hair with your own so that you leave our salon with natural-looking, gorgeous locks. So, who should consider hair extensions?

Fine-haired divas. Ever just wish you had more hair in your pencil-thin pony? If you love your length and your hair has bounce, but you want to bulk up your braids or add more curls to the mix, extensions can be an excellent option. Carefully added extensions can transform thin hair into thick tresses in an afternoon.

Length lovers. Whether you chopped your hair for a must-have short style or your hair won’t budge past a certain length, extensions can help you achieve a length you’ll love. Our stylists can help blend shorter hair into your new long locks for natural-looking length.

Body builders. If your hair goes from fab to flat in 20 minutes, extensions can add major body to hair. Working with your stylist, you can select how much or how little hair you’d like added. Beef up the look for more bounce, or add a more minimal amount for a less drastic update.

The reality is, almost anyone can get extensions. Unless your hair is especially fine or thick, most clients can enjoy extensions. Our Beverly Hills salon uses 100% human hair extensions that have been dyed and matched to your hair for a perfect complement. To learn more about hair extensions and pricing at our Beverly Hills salon, please call us at 310-273-8080. To see when celebrity hair colorist, Michael Canale, is in your city, take a peek at his schedule.

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Fall is just around the corner

Soaring temps may not make it feel like Fall is just around the corner, but before you know it school will be in session and we’ll be shopping for cozy sweaters, boots, and long lasting hair colors designed to keep up with busy schedules through the holiday season. Fall hair is all about ease, and a great color will effortlessly transition from sizzling summer weather to crisp fall afternoons.

Balayage. The balayage technique keeps gaining popularity thanks to its natural look and super easy upkeep. Because balayage is applied more naturally and the regrowth line is less obvious, it is great for clients who can’t get to the salon every 8 weeks for touch-ups. Based on popularity within the celeb circles, we don’t think this technique is going anywhere anytime soon.

Ombre. The ombre look is great for busy clients who want gorgeous color but can’t commit to the frequency of highlights. A tip for keeping ombre from looking too dip-dyed is to add a few soft highlights to help blend the top and bottom tones. A golden glaze can also keep the look softer.

Glosses. Pale blondes can get an easy update by adding a golden gloss to platinum highlights for more depth, explains Michael Canale. Adding subtle highlights around the face can also transition more high-maintenance color into an easier to maintain style.

Low-maintenance hair color doesn’t mean you can forget about hair care, however. If you want your color to last between appointments, make sure that you take care of your easy-to-keep color the way you would tend to highlights or bolder colors. Invest in a good color protecting shampoo and conditioner (your colorist can lead you in the right direction), and avoid any harsh situations that can fade or damage color.

To achieve the perfect color this fall, contact our Beverly Hills salon by calling 310-273-8080 to schedule an appointment with Michael Canale or his expert team of haircolorists. Or, check out Michael’s schedule to see when he’ll be in a salon in your area.

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Coco Chanel said it best when she boldly stated that “A women who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Canale Salon believes that goes for coloring hair, too. A great cut and color can do wonders for confidence, your personal style, and your morning routine. Our Beverly Hills salon is a full service salon that offers a wide variety of treatments to ensure your hair always looks fabulous. Our salon offers:

Hair coloring. In addition to celebrity stylist Michael Canale, our salon houses multiple amazing hair colorists that have been trained by Michael himself. Our salon prides itself on creating natural-looking, healthy hair color and highlights for every client.

Brazilian blowout. Fight frizz and enjoy smooth, luxe locks with a Brazilian blow out. In addition to gorgeously smooth tresses, a Brazilian blowout can even help enhance color treatments. Most treatments last between 10-12 weeks.

Blow dry. When your basic air-dry or home skills won’t cut it, our stylists can get your hair event/business/vacay-ready with a gorgeous blow dry.

Haircuts. In addition to fabulously natural-looking color, our salon also offers feature-flattering men’s and women’s haircuts for all hair types. Work with our stylists to find a cut that complements your angles and hair type.

Extensions. If you’re over the summer lob trend, hair extensions can help you get your long locks back. We use the highest quality hair so that your mane looks healthy and natural. Shhh, no one has to know.

Deep conditioning. Too much sun can make hair cranky and dry. Ask your stylist to add in a deep conditioning treatment at your next color or cut.

Canale Salon’s goal is to help our clients love their hair. We work with your natural hair color and features to find the perfect color and cut every time. We’ve helped a-listers to at-home moms snag enviable red-carpet ready hair and we’re confident we can accomplish that for you, too! Contact our salon to schedule an appointment with Michael Canale or one of our other amazing hair stylists and colorists. Or, check Michael’s schedule to see when he’ll be coloring hair in your city!

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Summer Hair Care Tips

Ah, summer! Who doesn’t love weekends filled with beach trips and dips in the pool? There’s nothing better than a hint of sun on the skin and the smell of sunscreen. We love a good endless summer at Canale Salon, but not the damage it can play on unsuspecting locks! If you want your hair stay golden through the warmer weather without becoming parched and faded, these summer hair care tips for color-treated hair should be your go to through September.

Throw some shade. We’re not talking about the bad blood, lady drama kind. We’re talking about wearing sunhats and scarves if you’re going to be outside all day. Sun damage is one of the fastest ways to fade color (especially highlights) and dry out locks. Using products with SPF can help minimize damage, but the best way to keep your hair safe is keeping it out of the sun.

Take a cold shower. A frosty dip isn’t just refreshing for soaring body temps, it’s also refreshing for your hair. Just like with your laundry, colder water keeps colors more secure when you’re suds-ing up. Keep the dial down during your showers or at least finish your shower with a cold blast of water to your locks.

Gloss on. Want your color to last between appointments? Ask us about getting a gloss treatment to keep your deep brunette or red looking glam.

Douse hair before hitting the water. Dry hair is uber absorbent. That means if you hit the pool or beach with dry hair your tresses might be absorbing more chlorine or salt than is healthy. Rinse hair before getting in the water, and for extra protection lather in a little conditioner to create a barrier.

Create the perfect condition (ers). Did you know our salon offers custom-mixed conditioners? And did you know that those conditioners are perfect for slathering on before lounging by the pool? Ask our stylists about a custom mix to soften and protect your hair between appointments.

Try an air dry. This is your permission to skip the blow dryer once in a while this summer. Give your hair a break from hot air and let your natural texture do the talking.

If your hair is already showing the signs of sun damage this summer, take heart. Treating weather-whipped hair is similar to treating over-processed hair; baby steps (like regular hair trims and gloss treatments) and diligence can help repair hair to its former glory.

To schedule an appointment with one of our Beverly Hills hair stylists, contact us at 310-273-8080. To book an appointment with celebrity hair colorist, Michael Canale, take a peek at Michael’s schedule to see if he’ll be in your area and schedule an appointment with the salon.  We look forward to seeing you!

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It’s not just your daily 6 am spin class that can affect the health of your hair; any exercise routine that causes you to sweat can be damaging to your hair (if you don’t have these fit-hair tricks up your sleeve). However, exercise is an essential part of overall health and should be a priority, even if it means spending a little more time on your mane after an extra intense session. Before you head to your next cross fit class, remember these helpful hair tips to keep your locks strong and vibrant between workouts and salon visits.

Screen yourself. We’re talking sunscreen, folks. You wouldn’t dare head out for a long run without lathering on some sunscreen. Don’t neglect your hair, either. A good UV protector on your hair can help prevent fading and dryness between visits to Beverly Hills hair colorist Michael Canale.

Try some variety. Most trainers will tell you that switching up routines can help improve strength – the same goes for hair. Tying up your hair in different places each day reduces the strain and breakage your hair would experience if you wore the same pony, day in and day out. Mix up your look with a pony, bun, fishtail and braid. Stylish and healthy!

Be water wise. Sure you need the clear stuff to stay hydrated internally, but dousing your hair after a workout can actually dry out hair and oxidize hair color. If you want to wet your hair, do it a favor and completely wash hair with a gentle, lightweight formula to prevent drying and stripping. Not sure what shampoo and conditioner to use? Ask one of our stylistsat your next appointment.

Cut back on alcohol. We don’t mean cutting back on the brunch mimosa’s after a tough yoga session; we’re talking about products with high alcohol content. Dry shampoo, beach sprays, and texturizing sprays that have high alcohol content can dramatically dry out hair, especially when applied to wet hair. Our salon offers plenty of great products specifically designed for color-treated hair.

Pick smart hair accessories. These days hair gear is getting workout wise. There are lots of options for hair ties and bands designed for working out. Check out your favorite fitness brands for hair-protecting, moisture-wicking accessories.

Working out is an essential part of overall health and, thankfully, with the right info you can enjoy the burn without burning your hair. To learn more about our Beverly Hills hair salon, or to schedule an appointment with celebrity hair colorist, Michael Canale, call us at 310-273-8080. Or, check online to see when Michael will be coloring hair in your area!

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Should You Go Blonde?

To blonde or not to blonde, that is the question- especially considering that summer is officially on its way. The reality is that there are very few people who shouldn’t go blonde at least once in their life! The real trick is finding the perfect shade that won’t wash you out or make you look older. The right color will complement your skin color, appear natural, and make your features pop. How can you know if (and which) blonde is right for you?


Listen up fair skinned ladies: platinum locks look especially gorgeous on pale skin, particularly if the haircolor is close in tone to your complexion. Your hair colorist can help you determine which platinum would look best with your warm or cool skin tone.


If beachy, golden locks are your dream, take heart. Most complexions and natural hair colors can look amazing with a little gold added in, although warm skin tones rock golden hues the most easily. The key to keeping it beachy and not bleachy is by adding a rich, multi-dimensional mix of honey, golden, and buttery hues.


The only thing better than a beach day, is a kind of “sandy” you can rock all season long. Sandy hair looks best on ladies with a cool skin tone. If that’s you, let our Beverly Hills hair colorists know that you’re ready for this warm, rich version of blonde.

Strawberry Blonde

For the girl that can’t commit, strawberry blonde lets you walk both wild sides. Stick to strawberry blonde if you have warm skin undertones. Cool ladies (in more ways than just skin tone) should avoid yellow, golden, red, or bronze tones; unfortunately that means strawberry blonde may not be your best color.


Honey is one of the sweetest hair colors because you can manage it with any skin tone. Sure, warm complexions work best for honey hues, but honey also lends itself well to techniques like ombre which allow your natural color to complement your skin tone while the ends of your hair sport any color they please (thankyouverymuch).

While there’s no universal shade of blonde that flatters all skin tones, there is a shade of blonde for everyone no matter or pale or how deep your skin tone is. Michael can help you decide which color will make your features pop, and how to give your hair a healthy, natural look. To schedule an appointment with Michael Canale, call us at 310-273-8080. Or, peek at Michael’s schedule to see when he’ll be in your area.

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Wacky Hair Tips

A gorgeous mane has been a coveted beauty feature since the beginning of time. Early drawings and statues from the Paleolithic era (25,000 BC) show how carefully people tended and styled their hair. In Imperial Rome, between 27 BC and 102 AD, women’s hairstyles were so complicated that they required multiple servants and hair stylists to achieve their desired look each day. Women (and men) relied on special curling tongs and irons, and pomades and jellies created from clay or quince seeds. To lighten hair color, Romans would use wood ash, unslaked lime, and sodium bicarbonate; to darken they would cover hair in oak-apples or leeches marinated in vinegar and wine. Thankfully, hair care has come along way since the early ages. Read on to learn some of the wildest modern hair care tips, and which ones actually work!

Dry your hair with paper towels. TRUE. Drying hair with paper towels can actually reduce frizz as well as reduce damaging time under the blowdryer. Plus, unlike a bath towel, the weight of paper towels won’t put stress and strain on the hair follicle.

“No-Poo” hair cleansing. MAYBE. The no-poo trend is growing, as more and more people opt for natural vinegar and baking soda cleaning options. While this can work for some hair types, people who have their hair colored may find that the vinegar is too harsh for their hair. Instead of going no-poo, go pro-poo. Ask our stylists to help you pick the right shampoo for your hair type.

Go blonde with lemons. FALSE. Sure, you can lighten hair with lemons, but the acid in lemons can cause your hair to go brassier than the horns section of a marching band. Don’t do it. If it’s time to get a touch up, visit your Beverly Hills hair colorist, Michael to ensure your locks are healthily highlighted.

Hot water removes grease best.  FALSE. Yes, hot water is great for getting grease off casserole pans and dinner plates, but washing hair in hot water can stripe your hair of oils, dull your hair color, and cause breakage. Aim for warm water when you’re washing your hair.

If you want gorgeous celebrity-quality-haircolor, Michael Canale can help you achieve your perfect color. With over 20 years of experience, Michael can add natural-appearing highlights that will take your color to the next level without causing damage to your natural hair. To schedule an appointment with celebrity hair colorist, contact our Beverly Hills salon by calling 310-273-8080. Want to see when Michael will be coloring hair in your area? Check his schedule!

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Super Fine Hair Tips

If you’ve been blessed with super fine hair, you know how difficult it can be to make your hair pull off the looks that decorate your (and practically everyone you know’s) Pinterest boards. Ugh. Need height at the crown to mimic Scarlett Johansson’s amazing Oscars hair? Dreaming of a big fat braid like we’ve seen Blake Lively rock? Visiting your Southern family who has back-combing down to an art form? Before you say, “Forget it, not gonna happen”, sample a few of our tried-and-true hair tips for faking (and making!) serious hair volume happen.

Consider Some Color

Did you know bleaching hair can actually plump up the individual hair shafts? The trick is making sure that you don’t damage hair by over bleaching and drying out your strands. Celebrity hair colorist Michael Canale is renowned for his ability to achieve gorgeous, healthy, moisturized blond locks for his clients.  A visit to Michael can result in gorgeous color and a little extra body!

Say “Buh-Bye” to the Dryer

News flash! Skipping your blow dryer can result in maximum volume and can help prevent damage. Win, win. Wash hair at night and let it air dry as you sleep. A little dry shampoo in the morning and natural teasing from tossing and turning can result in extra oomph come the early hours.

Skip the Shampoo

If you’re spending too much time singing and suds-ing in the shower, your hair may be losing its chance to shine (and we’re not talking about grease). Letting your hair grunge out for a day can add extra body with a little help from dry shampoo and a few hot tools. As our stylists for their favorite product suggestions.

Powder Those Pins

We hinted about this on Facebook earlier in the month, and we’ll say it again: spraying bobby pins with dry shampoo or a puff of hairspray can help prevent slippery strands from wrecking your crown braid. And we know how hard it is to achieve a perfect crown braid…

Take on the Texturizing Spray

If dry shampoo is a fine-textured hair girl’s BFF, than texturing spray is her fairy godmother. Wish for big volume? Poof. Texturizing spray adds mega height without weighing hair down or looking like you doused your head in ‘90s hair gel.

Another option for boosting your hair thickness is to have one of our team of hair stylists create natural-looking real hair extensions. We have a dedicated extension artist in the salon that can help you determine how to maximize your tresses. To schedule an appointment with them or with celebrity hair stylist Michael Canale at our Beverly Hills hair salon, call us at 310-273-8080.

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Fashion magazines love to use buzzwords like “daring” or “bold” to describe new hair trends, but this season natural looks are taking center stage. Michael Canale, owner of Canale Salon, and one of Beverly Hills’ top hair colorists explains, that “the perfect color should look natural and youthful.” Beautiful tresses that look natural will turn more heads than even the wildest of cuts and colors.

How to find your perfect cut and color
There’s no formula for achieving the perfect hair, but there are a few guidelines you should follow:

Take your angles into consideration- Great hair should play up both the shape of your face and your figure. A great hair stylist should be able to determine what cut will accent your favorite features.
Compliment your coloring- Go for hues that make your eyes pop or your skin look amazing. Michael has over 20 years helping his clients obtain the color they dream about.
Consider your personality- If you’re the wash-and-go type, your hair stylist can help you find a cut that will dry beautifully without much fuss. If you feel unfinished unless your hair is perfectly coiffed, your stylist should be able to determine what cut and treatments (kerastase hair rituals or a straightener) will give your hair a polished look.
Mimic the Seasons- If your hair gets slightly darker during the winter and lightens in the summer, consider matching your hair coloring to that schedule. Not only will it be easier to maintain, but your hair will look more natural.

Despite the over-the-top styles some celebrities are sporting this season, veteran Los Angeles hair colorist, Michael Canale, suggests moving away from the artificial and over exaggerated doos that can visually age a person. In the fashion industry, youth is beauty, and when done correctly, a natural cut and color can take years off a person’s age.

To learn more about available services, or to schedule an appointment with Michael to achieve a fresh, youthful cut and color, call 310-273-8080 or email us at

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