Summer Hair Care Tips

Ah, summer! Who doesn’t love weekends filled with beach trips and dips in the pool? There’s nothing better than a hint of sun on the skin and the smell of sunscreen. We love a good endless summer at Canale Salon, but not the damage it can play on unsuspecting locks! If you want your hair stay golden through the warmer weather without becoming parched and faded, these summer hair care tips for color-treated hair should be your go to through September.

Throw some shade. We’re not talking about the bad blood, lady drama kind. We’re talking about wearing sunhats and scarves if you’re going to be outside all day. Sun damage is one of the fastest ways to fade color (especially highlights) and dry out locks. Using products with SPF can help minimize damage, but the best way to keep your hair safe is keeping it out of the sun.

Take a cold shower. A frosty dip isn’t just refreshing for soaring body temps, it’s also refreshing for your hair. Just like with your laundry, colder water keeps colors more secure when you’re suds-ing up. Keep the dial down during your showers or at least finish your shower with a cold blast of water to your locks.

Gloss on. Want your color to last between appointments? Ask us about getting a gloss treatment to keep your deep brunette or red looking glam.

Douse hair before hitting the water. Dry hair is uber absorbent. That means if you hit the pool or beach with dry hair your tresses might be absorbing more chlorine or salt than is healthy. Rinse hair before getting in the water, and for extra protection lather in a little conditioner to create a barrier.

Create the perfect condition (ers). Did you know our salon offers custom-mixed conditioners? And did you know that those conditioners are perfect for slathering on before lounging by the pool? Ask our stylists about a custom mix to soften and protect your hair between appointments.

Try an air dry. This is your permission to skip the blow dryer once in a while this summer. Give your hair a break from hot air and let your natural texture do the talking.

If your hair is already showing the signs of sun damage this summer, take heart. Treating weather-whipped hair is similar to treating over-processed hair; baby steps (like regular hair trims and gloss treatments) and diligence can help repair hair to its former glory.

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It’s not just your daily 6 am spin class that can affect the health of your hair; any exercise routine that causes you to sweat can be damaging to your hair (if you don’t have these fit-hair tricks up your sleeve). However, exercise is an essential part of overall health and should be a priority, even if it means spending a little more time on your mane after an extra intense session. Before you head to your next cross fit class, remember these helpful hair tips to keep your locks strong and vibrant between workouts and salon visits.

Screen yourself. We’re talking sunscreen, folks. You wouldn’t dare head out for a long run without lathering on some sunscreen. Don’t neglect your hair, either. A good UV protector on your hair can help prevent fading and dryness between visits to Beverly Hills hair colorist Michael Canale.

Try some variety. Most trainers will tell you that switching up routines can help improve strength – the same goes for hair. Tying up your hair in different places each day reduces the strain and breakage your hair would experience if you wore the same pony, day in and day out. Mix up your look with a pony, bun, fishtail and braid. Stylish and healthy!

Be water wise. Sure you need the clear stuff to stay hydrated internally, but dousing your hair after a workout can actually dry out hair and oxidize hair color. If you want to wet your hair, do it a favor and completely wash hair with a gentle, lightweight formula to prevent drying and stripping. Not sure what shampoo and conditioner to use? Ask one of our stylistsat your next appointment.

Cut back on alcohol. We don’t mean cutting back on the brunch mimosa’s after a tough yoga session; we’re talking about products with high alcohol content. Dry shampoo, beach sprays, and texturizing sprays that have high alcohol content can dramatically dry out hair, especially when applied to wet hair. Our salon offers plenty of great products specifically designed for color-treated hair.

Pick smart hair accessories. These days hair gear is getting workout wise. There are lots of options for hair ties and bands designed for working out. Check out your favorite fitness brands for hair-protecting, moisture-wicking accessories.

Working out is an essential part of overall health and, thankfully, with the right info you can enjoy the burn without burning your hair. To learn more about our Beverly Hills hair salon, or to schedule an appointment with celebrity hair colorist, Michael Canale, call us at 310-273-8080. Or, check online to see when Michael will be coloring hair in your area!

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