Michael has created a line of hair care products that properly cares for colored hair and which extends the look and feel of hair between salon visits.

Michael has created a gentle but effective line of products using hypoallergenic formulae. Four products that work together as a core system to cleanse, condition, nourish and thicken the hair, including a dry “touch up” shampoo, which helps extend time between water washes- creating a virtuous circle of less frequent and gentle washing that extends color life and improves condition, starting at the follicular level.



  • Summary

    Calm your mind and relax as CLEANSE by Canalé thoroughly restores your hair, leaving it bright and clean, without stripping it of color and moisture. Infused with natural cleansing agents, this shampoo is formulated to bring out your best color while protecting your hair from exterior aggressions, as well as extending the longevity of your pigment. Created by Master Colorist Michael Canalé, the gentle bamboo fragrance of CLEANSE transports you to a world of tranquility as it protects your hair inside and out.

    CLEANSE is a refreshing blend of lavender oil, Shea butter, and grapefruit extract with scents of bamboo, jasmine and oriental woods.

  • Details
    • Keratin Safe
    • Reduces Oxidation
    • Keeps Brightness

    Shake well, then apply a small amount to the palm of the hand. Massage into roots and along the length of the hair to the ends. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if desired.



  • Summary

    Containing a sensual blend of natural oils and protective antioxidants, SOFTEN is specially formulated to restore hair shine and luster, reducing breakage and bringing your best color to life. Rich in revitalizing antioxidants, this beautifying conditioner addresses the specific needs of colored hair by providing key nutrients and coating the hair shaft to visibly improve quality. Master Colorist Michael Canalé has carefully selected the ingredients of SOFTEN to improve the overall health of your hair, so that it is left soft and shiny, with beautiful, clear color tones.

  • Details
    • Protects from sun and chemical damage
    • Prepares your hair for color

    Apply a small amount of product to the palm of the hand, massage along the length of the hair to the ends. Rinse thoroughly. Leave product on the hair for several minutes for a more conditioned effect.


Vitamin Thickening Foam

  • Summary

    Created by Master Colorist Michael Canalé, NOURISH is a revitalizing blend of antioxidants and vitamins that promotes vibrant, natural hair growth and a stronger hold before and after coloring your hair. Utilizing key ingredients, the exclusive formula of NOURISH contains high levels of the essential vitamins and nutrients that help to improve fullness, cuticle integrity and strength. Stronger hair for your best color, from the trusted experts at Canalé.

  • Details
    • Revitalizes hair
    • Improves color hold

    Apply to a clean scalp after shampooing the hair and before conditioner is applied. Leave the product on the scalp for between 3-5 minutes. Use once or twice weekly.


Dry Shampoo

  • Summary

    Elevate your blowout with REFRESH, by Master Colorist Michael Canalé. REFRESH is a revitalizing substitute to traditional shampoos, absorbing heavy oils while giving your hair optimal moisture and balance on the go. With a simple spray, REFRESH extends time between washes, helping to preserve tint before and after coloring.

  • Details
    • Non-aerosol formula

    Remove Cover and hold applicator to the hairline. Spray product into the roots and move through the hair to the top of the head. Once complete, brush away any powder residue and style the hair as normal.