Finding a Great Cut and Color


Fashion magazines love to use buzzwords like “daring” or “bold” to describe new hair trends, but this season natural looks are taking center stage. Michael Canale, owner of Canale Salon, and one of Beverly Hills’ top hair colorists explains, that “the perfect color should look natural and youthful.” Beautiful tresses that look natural will turn more heads than even the wildest of cuts and colors.

How to find your perfect cut and color
There’s no formula for achieving the perfect hair, but there are a few guidelines you should follow:

Take your angles into consideration- Great hair should play up both the shape of your face and your figure. A great hair stylist should be able to determine what cut will accent your favorite features.
Compliment your coloring- Go for hues that make your eyes pop or your skin look amazing. Michael has over 20 years helping his clients obtain the color they dream about.
Consider your personality- If you’re the wash-and-go type, your hair stylist can help you find a cut that will dry beautifully without much fuss. If you feel unfinished unless your hair is perfectly coiffed, your stylist should be able to determine what cut and treatments (kerastase hair rituals or a straightener) will give your hair a polished look.
Mimic the Seasons- If your hair gets slightly darker during the winter and lightens in the summer, consider matching your hair coloring to that schedule. Not only will it be easier to maintain, but your hair will look more natural.

Despite the over-the-top styles some celebrities are sporting this season, veteran Los Angeles hair colorist, Michael Canale, suggests moving away from the artificial and over exaggerated doos that can visually age a person. In the fashion industry, youth is beauty, and when done correctly, a natural cut and color can take years off a person’s age.

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