Maximizing Your Super-Fine Hair


If you’ve been blessed with super fine hair, you know how difficult it can be to make your hair pull off the looks that decorate your (and practically everyone you know’s) Pinterest boards. Ugh. Need height at the crown to mimic Scarlett Johansson’s amazing Oscars hair? Dreaming of a big fat braid like we’ve seen Blake Lively rock? Visiting your Southern family who has back-combing down to an art form? Before you say, “Forget it, not gonna happen”, sample a few of our tried-and-true hair tips for faking (and making!) serious hair volume happen.

Consider Some Color

Did you know bleaching hair can actually plump up the individual hair shafts? The trick is making sure that you don’t damage hair by over bleaching and drying out your strands. Celebrity hair colorist Michael Canale is renowned for his ability to achieve gorgeous, healthy, moisturized blond locks for his clients.  A visit to Michael can result in gorgeous color and a little extra body!

Say “Buh-Bye” to the Dryer

News flash! Skipping your blow dryer can result in maximum volume and can help prevent damage. Win, win. Wash hair at night and let it air dry as you sleep. A little dry shampoo in the morning and natural teasing from tossing and turning can result in extra oomph come the early hours.

Skip the Shampoo

If you’re spending too much time singing and suds-ing in the shower, your hair may be losing its chance to shine (and we’re not talking about grease). Letting your hair grunge out for a day can add extra body with a little help from dry shampoo and a few hot tools. As our stylists for their favorite product suggestions.

Powder Those Pins

We hinted about this on Facebook earlier in the month, and we’ll say it again: spraying bobby pins with dry shampoo or a puff of hairspray can help prevent slippery strands from wrecking your crown braid. And we know how hard it is to achieve a perfect crown braid…

Take on the Texturizing Spray

If dry shampoo is a fine-textured hair girl’s BFF, than texturing spray is her fairy godmother. Wish for big volume? Poof. Texturizing spray adds mega height without weighing hair down or looking like you doused your head in ‘90s hair gel.

Another option for boosting your hair thickness is to have one of our team of hair stylists create natural-looking real hair extensions. We have a dedicated extension artist in the salon that can help you determine how to maximize your tresses. To schedule an appointment with them or with celebrity hair stylist Michael Canale at our Beverly Hills hair salon, call us at 310-273-8080.

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