Should You Get Hair Extensions?


Hair extensions can be a gorgeous way to add major body or length to lifeless hair or short styles. We know waiting for a bob to grow out can be frustrating, especially when many fall hair styles seem designed for long cuts. In the past, hair extensions didn’t always look like your natural tresses, however, as techniques have evolved, extensions have gone from obvious to very natural. In fact, a great hair stylist can even add extensions without any telltale signs. Canale Salon has a dedicated extension stylist that excels at blending in real hair with your own so that you leave our salon with natural-looking, gorgeous locks. So, who should consider hair extensions?

Fine-haired divas. Ever just wish you had more hair in your pencil-thin pony? If you love your length and your hair has bounce, but you want to bulk up your braids or add more curls to the mix, extensions can be an excellent option. Carefully added extensions can transform thin hair into thick tresses in an afternoon.

Length lovers. Whether you chopped your hair for a must-have short style or your hair won’t budge past a certain length, extensions can help you achieve a length you’ll love. Our stylists can help blend shorter hair into your new long locks for natural-looking length.

Body builders. If your hair goes from fab to flat in 20 minutes, extensions can add major body to hair. Working with your stylist, you can select how much or how little hair you’d like added. Beef up the look for more bounce, or add a more minimal amount for a less drastic update.

The reality is, almost anyone can get extensions. Unless your hair is especially fine or thick, most clients can enjoy extensions. Our Beverly Hills salon uses 100% human hair extensions that have been dyed and matched to your hair for a perfect complement. To learn more about hair extensions and pricing at our Beverly Hills salon, please call us at 310-273-8080. To see when celebrity hair colorist, Michael Canale, is in your city, take a peek at his schedule.

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