New Hair Colour Technique You Will Be Asking For


By: Erin Shapiro

Want to pop natural hair colour?

Michael Canale, celebrity hair colourist and creator of Jennifer Aniston’s beautiful blonde hair colour, has created a new technique aptly called: “Piggy Back Highlights,” to do just that.

As a master colourist, Canale places the highlights directly next to each other–with one sited half an inch higher, to give an illusion of a thinner start and a thicker ending at the ends of each strand.

Highlights are very fine, so it’s a natural blend of colour that will build up as the hair extends further from the scalp.

It keeps hair healthy because some people’s hair can’t handle thick highlights because their hair breaks.

Canale came up with this technique for Jennifer Aniston–developing it a few minutes after being tasked with creating a new look for her–as he also continued her classic look: framing her face with blond highlights for a pop around the hairline.

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