Wild Hair Care Tips (And What Actually Works!)


A gorgeous mane has been a coveted beauty feature since the beginning of time. Early drawings and statues from the Paleolithic era (25,000 BC) show how carefully people tended and styled their hair. In Imperial Rome, between 27 BC and 102 AD, women’s hairstyles were so complicated that they required multiple servants and hair stylists to achieve their desired look each day. Women (and men) relied on special curling tongs and irons, and pomades and jellies created from clay or quince seeds. To lighten hair color, Romans would use wood ash, unslaked lime, and sodium bicarbonate; to darken they would cover hair in oak-apples or leeches marinated in vinegar and wine. Thankfully, hair care has come along way since the early ages. Read on to learn some of the wildest modern hair care tips, and which ones actually work!

Dry your hair with paper towels. TRUE. Drying hair with paper towels can actually reduce frizz as well as reduce damaging time under the blowdryer. Plus, unlike a bath towel, the weight of paper towels won’t put stress and strain on the hair follicle.

“No-Poo” hair cleansing. MAYBE. The no-poo trend is growing, as more and more people opt for natural vinegar and baking soda cleaning options. While this can work for some hair types, people who have their hair colored may find that the vinegar is too harsh for their hair. Instead of going no-poo, go pro-poo. Ask our stylists to help you pick the right shampoo for your hair type.

Go blonde with lemons. FALSE. Sure, you can lighten hair with lemons, but the acid in lemons can cause your hair to go brassier than the horns section of a marching band. Don’t do it. If it’s time to get a touch up, visit your Beverly Hills hair colorist, Michael to ensure your locks are healthily highlighted.

Hot water removes grease best.  FALSE. Yes, hot water is great for getting grease off casserole pans and dinner plates, but washing hair in hot water can stripe your hair of oils, dull your hair color, and cause breakage. Aim for warm water when you’re washing your hair.

If you want gorgeous celebrity-quality-haircolor, Michael Canale can help you achieve your perfect color. With over 20 years of experience, Michael can add natural-appearing highlights that will take your color to the next level without causing damage to your natural hair. To schedule an appointment with celebrity hair colorist, contact our Beverly Hills salon by calling 310-273-8080. Want to see when Michael will be coloring hair in your area? Check his schedule!

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